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Lysandre in Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special II’s new trailer.

                       I  αℓωαуѕ  stay                       [formal]                                                                                             but  when  it’s neccesary  to               [  α  т  т  α  c  к  ]                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I’m  a  box  of  surprises.


i originally started following 60min trainer because i had missed lysandre’s day, so i’m glad i got here in the end… typography really isn’t my strongest point, sadly


Shooting the redhead a playful glare when he said his shelves needed to be dusted, Augustine sighed softly as the man’s lips met his own once again. He never really pegged Lysandre to be the affectionate type, but he was delighted by how well he was treating him. Of course, his best friend turned lover had always been considerate towards him, so perhaps it was silly to think he’d behave otherwise.  

Hm? Oh, yeah… I haven’t been here since this morning.”  

He spent little time here and it clearly showed. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his house, but he preferred to be at the lab. However, now that Lysandre was spending the night, that wouldn’t be a problem.  

"I’m going to check on my Pokémon."  

They enjoyed being in their balls, but Augustine liked to release them whenever he could. After all, the penthouse was big enough, so he had no qualms about allowing them out. Stepping over to the hallway that would lead to his bedroom, Augustine paused when he felt those arms still wrapped around him. Smirking, he rested a hand on one of Lysandre’s while using the other to reach up to his lover’s head. As he gently pulled the man’s head forward, he tilted his own back so that their lips could meet in another kiss. Before it could become too heated, Augustine pulled away, his tongue slowly flicking at Lysandre’s lips as he backed off.  


"I’ll be right back, mon cher…”  

Wiggling out of the hold, he gave his new love a rather flirtatious look before moving off down the hallway towards his bedroom. He didn’t mind if he was followed, since it wasn’t a big deal if he viewed his bedroom, but it was up to Lysandre. After entering the room, he hurried over to where his Poké Balls were stored, and gathered all five of them into his arms. Some of his companions didn’t mind staying inside, but Félix, his Luxray preferred to stretch his legs. After checking on each to see how they were, Augustine realized that four out of five were fast asleep. Deciding to release the one that was still awake, Augustine watched as the feline stretched for a moment before glancing up at his trainer. From what the professor could tell, the Pokémon, like his companions, seemed quite tired.  

"Have some sleep, boy." He smiled. "Then you and the others can have some dinner."  

Seemingly pleased with this plan, the Luxray padded over to a nice spot in Augustine’s room. Gracefully laying his body down, Félix curled into a ball and buried his head in between his paws. Taking one last look, Augustine smiled and headed back to the door. He had taken longer than anticipated with his Pokémon, but he hoped Lysandre wouldn’t mind. Wandering into the living area, the academic searched for his lover, slightly puzzled over his whereabouts.  


Lysandre could kiss this man all day. Or night, seeing as how it was quickly turning to evening, the skies outside darkening. But alas, that didn’t seem to be possible as Augustine pulled away.

“Alright,” He sighed, attempting to get one last kiss before his lover was gone. H felt Augustine’s tongue against his lips and he grinned, playfully biting at him. Of course, he didn’t manage to actually bite him, but the gesture was surely amusing.

As Augustine stepped away, Lysandre took a moment to watch – the way that he walked, and maybe even a few glances over his body, inspecting him, grinning to himself. It wasn’t as though he wasn’t going to get chances to do this, he simply felt like savoring the image for a few moments, to let it sink in that Augustine was his.

When he turned away, his gaze wandered to the terrace. It did seem like a very nice night out, and Augustine had mentioned that they should go out onto the terrace tonight… With a shrug, he quietly walked over and opened the door, the night air surprisingly refreshing compared to the somewhat stuffy air inside. He looked out for several moments before slipping his coat off his shoulders and setting it on the backrest of a chair. His Poké Balls were set along with it.

Now that he was free of his coat, Lysandre stepped outside and took a deep breath, leaning against the fence. Lumiose was rather pretty during the evening hours, as the sun set — the river reflected water in a beautiful way, the dim lights just coming on made the city glow slightly.

Sure, it was beautiful. But at the same time it was… It was wasteful. And disgusting. All that energy being used, most likely for things that meant nothing – people wasting time, energy, and money on useless things. It made him angry, and suddenly his hands were clenching the railing, knuckles turning white as he thought about the way that humans were wasting the Earth’s resources and that there was no stop to it— He felt his chest tighten, thinking of it all.

His gaze out at the city turned angry for several long moments until thankfully, Augustine’s voice was there to break through and get him away from those thoughts.

“Outside,” He called out, and reached into the pocket of his pants, pulling out a cigarette carton and a lighter. It took him a moment to get the cigarette lit out with the slight breeze, but he felt his shoulders relax once he took a deep inhale.

[designing a gijinka of the stormcatcher more like
is that lysandre if he had an electric-type team]

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too late ]



Manny takes to living in Lysandre’s hair.

He feeds on your tears, Lys.

I’m sorry to both muns this is something I do often

analienlikeyou whispered: ❤ not on Lysandre himself, but that glorious orange mane of his

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Send me “❤” if your muse has a crush on mine

Lysandre fidgeted, nervously rubbing his hands together. So Augustine admitted that he had a crush on him, and he could either brush it off and they could pretend it had never happened, or—

"I, um. I feel the same way! I have for a while, and, well—" He averted his gaze, cheeks heating up. "Maybe you’d like to— I mean, we could…"

Even after Augustine’s admittance of his crush, Lysandre braced himself for rejection. After all, they were still young, and they’d be heading off to University later… Their paths would probably take them separate ways…